06 May

Start Scratching Session 2


Class begins with students logging into their Scratch accounts from the Scratch website, allowing them to start from the program that they created for session 1. One main focus of this class is to expand on two concepts from session 1, changing the sprites colour and events. It also introduces a new concept of waiting, which will be further developed in session 3.

How is it tailored for 5-7 year olds?

Minimum wait time of 1 second used to avoid decimals – typically introduced in year 3 mathematics  Negative numbers (e.g. to revert colour) avoided – typically introduced in year 4 mathematics

What is covered?

  •  Scratch account, login & saved project
  • Changing how a Sprite looks
  • Development of Events and Control (When key pressed, wait)

Click below for handout including step by step guide to completing the session.