03 Jun

Start Scratching Session 6


The goal of this class is to introduce two new features, ‘if’ blocks that allow conditional control, and sensing blocks that allow the sprite to react to various events. Initially a basic sensing block is constructed for a single sprite, with emphasis placed on the need to sense ‘forever’. Next a second sprite is introduced and the first sprite senses it, and finally the sense colour function is suggested as an extra task. These building blocks allow the concept of conditionality to be used in programs, which has significant utility.

How is it tailored for 5-7 year olds?

  • Incremental approach, very simple example first and students given time to absorb the concept
  • No backgrounds used until the last example, these can be distracting

What is covered?  

  • Conditional control (if -> then)
  • Sensing (touching)

Click below for handout including step by step guide to completing the session.